RGM's Hosting Home Page

A continuing effort of the Fine-Arts Bluesband & Poetry Press Computer Science Division


This is a page dedicated to the proposition that no hosting provider should be permitted to fill my blank domain with advertising. So...

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I may use this page from time to time to test a few things, so there are other places where you might be better off, while I'm working on this place. On the other hand I may be moving them here, or otherwise in transition, so whether these links will actually work is anyone's guess. Nevertheless, try:

http://www.fabandpp.org/ home of



http://www.fabbnet.net/ home of the



http://cellarbox.fabbnet.net/ home of the

pic running on a bunch of old stuff and chasing spiders (if it's actually running at all...)

or even



A completely meaningless site.

contact rgminutillo if you can find him.